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Hi Guys, My name is Aali Bint-e Mehmood Lodhi. l am 10 years old. In this blog I will share my experience traveling in Pakistan and out of Pakistan. And if you like this blog you can share it with all of your friends and your family members. This is a child blog and it has adventures you would like .

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Hi guys

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hi guys

Sorry I am talking to you guys after so long. I want to talk to you guys after my birthday so here are we now talking.

To catch you guys up I am now in Ethiopia's capital city: Addis Ababa.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

3rd Step-Bali to Timor Lestte

Continue from......BALI ZOO!
Bali  to Timor Leste

Today we all will fly for Dili Timor Leste at 09:2 am so we got up early at 6:00 am.

Awa rang on intercom for us to getup. I was feeling sleepy but mama got me up. 
From hotel reception to airport entrance it took only 3 minutes. But we have to cross through our cabin luggage from scanning machine
We were in Airport Lounge. 
We waited for some time in lounge.
Mama, got boarding pass for all of us, 
I was watchin flight schedule  at Bali
Airport to other airports.
After boarding pass we entered in passengers lounge.
Oh, my God , I am hungry Mama. I did not take breakfast.
After brake fast, we started for lounge, I saw hotel NOVATEL through passage way.
I lounge, I could see runway, Aircraft landing and taking off.
 I boarded Citi-Link plane, with my family.
Plane took off at 09:23am, from Denpasar Airport for Dili East Timor.
East Timor from air look like a crocodile, which is their National Animal.
Landed at exact time 12:20 pm. 
I still remember when I came East timor with my nano and Awa , I was 8 year old.
At President Nicolau Lobato Airport. 
We lined up in for Visa on Arrival window. They charged $30 per person for one month visa.
After getting through de-barkation point , we collected our luggage came out of the airport. 
We put our luggage in mama office Landcruiser and left for home.
On exit I saw a statue of Mr.Nicolau Lobato the independence  hero. 
Ultimately we reached our home at Timor Leste where Nano & Awa will stay till 30th August and I will stay with mama for my grade 5 on ward. 
Telling baba that I have reached.

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Monday, July 15, 2019


Continue from . . . A Day in Bali

٭٭٭  BALI  ZOO.٭٭٭
To enter Bali Zoo.
We have to take tickets from zoo window.

They gave us wrist band, 

and a guide map.

We arrived late so the  zoo.
Ticketing irl told us that we need to hurry.

Elephant water Park, will close soon.

I was amazed to see that peacocks, 

and kangaroos right on the walking tracks. 

The kangaroos were lying quietly.
They were not afraid of any thing.

Almost all animals were without cages.

We reached to the bus plate farm. 

And waited until buss arrived. 

We boarded and it drove toward elephant's lake.

We saw many animals in route. 
When we reached to the debarkation point .
Bus stopped and we stepped down.
On the plate for some family were waiting.

We crossed the steel bridge over Track.
And we enter the Elephants area.
There were two elephants.
With sitting arrangements on them.

I rode, since my mama , nano and Aawa denied.
Since he had a back experience of a camel ride,
with me in Islamabad and he had severe backache. 
And it took me to its walking path at 3:15pm,
 with the elephant caretaker.

Video while going:

It was 10 minutes on track then Elephant enter in a lake.
Elephant took second round of the lake, 
my Mama was taking and Awa was pictures. 
I climbed down at 3:30 approx.

I also saw beautifully decorated Zoo bus.

Elephant remain in lake for 15 minutes and came out.

Video while coming:

While I was riding elephant , 
Nano, Mama and Aawa were taking photographs.
Mama told Aawa to touch elephant,
but he was scared to touch. 
You can see his reaction in this photo.

On way back we crossed the bridge,
 and saw a baboon and a leopard in a fenced tunnel.

We reached Zoo bus terminal,
 and waited for quite some time.

We boarded the bus and reached to de-busing point.

I also saw reptiles and birds eggs.

On way back to hotel we just stop near a Mandir.

Since the sun was set, almost all statues,
 were lit with various colour lights.

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Aali Binte Mehmood Lodhi